Published on 06/04/2018 10:13 am
Troubles of PVC Yoga Mat and Why You Need A Washable One

Gone are the times when people had to confine their opinion with respect to the availability of Yoga mats on the market.

Currently, the marketplaces offer a myriad of options, each with a unique feature of practicality or functionality for Yoga practitioners.

There is a need to put a broader definition of what’s cheap and what’s right. The intertwined definitions and exclamatory observations don’t give a discernible expression about the two.

Likewise, people face the same pandemonium of thoughts when buying the PVC Yoga mat. With their availability in solid colors, PVC mats come with their characteristically sticky nature and hard-to-hygienic-clean features. The only thing that makes people glad is its low-end price. That’s it.

With the available number of Yoga instructional videos on YouTube, people are progressing towards pursuing even the advanced level of poses with ease. But, one thing comes in between on the way to accomplish that – the slip-inducing mat.

What to do then?

You need a Non Slip Yoga Mat that synchronizes with your needs while practicing the difficult Yoga postures minus the accidental slips. Contrary to the opinions laid about PVC, it is true that they have a sticky nature that holds the traction. Nevertheless, there’s another great option that often gets missed due to the availability of much-hyped alternatives. We’re talking about the mats made of cotton.

Indeed, you can find companies manufacturing high-quality handmade cotton Yoga mats with an array of features, such as Eco-friendliness, anti-skid treatment, unique printing, and so on. Most of all, you get a Washable Yoga Mat that won’t be smelly, sweaty, or unhygienic as you will be cleaning it timely. Thus, it prevents you from getting affected by the harmful material and unhygienic conditions in just one go.

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